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Many different rate structures, calculation methods, surcharges and lead time interpretations are used in the market, making it complicated and difficult for a shipper to compare providers and proposals. At FreightPlaza, we bring together long term experience in transport management and strong knowledge in information technology and data modeling.

From this background, we have developed our online benchmarking solution for the European road transport market. This unique and innovative tool is designed to support you in your transport sourcing processes, by providing you with actionable metrics and data.

FreightPlaza’s combination of industry knowledge, market information and our self-developed software tools takes care of this complexity for you. Providing you with clear and comprehensive benchmark reporting and identification of potential areas for cost savings and service improvements.

New solutions & services

Going forward we will continue to develop new solutions and services in the areas of supplier management, service and performance and buying rates, to further support you in optimizing your transport management process.


Confidentiality is key to us. FreightPlaza does not disclose company specific information, rates or supplier names to third parties, or publish any such information to the broader market.

Our data-aggregation methods secure anonymity, confidentiality and neutrality for all parties involved. 



Meet our experts:


A pragmatic and analytic transport expert with over 25 years of experience in transport & logistics at large shippers, transport companies and LSP’s.

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